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Jun 302017

Thank You Courage360

Messages from our partners, students, and community…

I feel very badly for the organization, but I know that over the many years, it has done  great good for the community. Your many graduates would attest to that. Thank  you for all of your efforts. Regards, Diana C. (Community Partner and Donor)

I am so sorry to hear that Courage360 is closing its doors! We have appreciated our partnership with the agency over the years and regret that you will no longer be a resource in our community. I wish you well.  Liz (Community Partner: TCH and Donor)

I’m so sorry, I will never be able to thank all of you enough for what you did for me. I am going to realize my dream of becoming a teacher thanks to what I learned about myself and the skills that I developed while at Courage 360. I’m in college and I have a job (in an office) that I love, because I found the strength and the tool set needed to create that future for myself. Never doubt that you changed lives! Amy (Former Participant)

I was so very sorry to hear this news. Courage 360 has done such wonderful work, and we are so glad we were able to support it. I personally appreciated learning more about Courage 360’s work over the past year since I joined U.S. Bank. Thank you to you and your team for all the work you have done for your clients. I wish you all the best in your transition.  Best, Kimbra (Funding Partner: US Bank)

I’m so sorry to read about Courage360. Our long relationship, and impressive impact in the community makes this an even harder loss. Thank you for your work in the community to move women forward.  Sending warm thoughts and kind regards,  Kathryn (Funding Partner: GTCF)

I’m so sad to read this. Courage is an important voice, and I know of no other organization offering your unique services, and certainly none have your staff. God speed, and best wishes on your new journey.  Merri (Graduate)

I am so sorry to hear about a sad news that Courage360 is closing its services! I personally was so impressed of your services and how many people you have helped. Hearing some of those ladies testimonies at the breakfast event this Spring were so inspirational to me! I am sorry that we haven’t had a chance to start what we planned at Green River College.  I wish you the best!  Thank you for all you do! Lyuda (Community Partner: Green River College)

I am sorry to hear that your doors will be closing.  It was a pleasure to work with you through the LPA and the East Pierce County Education & Training Fair.  Your agency has impacted Pierce County in a mighty way!  Kindly, Tiffany (Community Partner: DSHS)

But you guys have helped soooooo many people I am truly saddened it is Tacoma’s great loss. Monique (Former Participant)

I’m sorry to hear that Courage360 is closing. I was inspired by our conversations about the neat initiatives you were working on.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!  Melanie (Community Partner: DSHS)

I am saddened to hear this.  I was hired by Lynn Roberts(founder) and Margo in 1995 as a case manager for the WWEE program.  Denise (Former Employee)

I am very sorry to hear that Courage360 will no longer be with us making a difference in the lives of women and families.  You guys do amazing work, so this is a big loss for the community. My best wishes to you and we are here for anything your staff and clients need.  Marisol (Community Partner: PS Training Center)

A former program attendee,  I was in the Workfirst program with Marin and Nancy, I worked at the front desk for about 4 months. I moved on from Courage 360 in 2015 and am now a Manager  in a home store in Tacoma…. Our current team is full of hard working and dedicated women…if you have any one that you would feel would make a good match for my store please send me a listSarah  (Former Participant)

I was so excited to share this success with the group. One of our current students interviewed yesterday after class, and she accepted a full time position.  She was offered a living wage and begins training on Monday.  The participant expressed her excitement about the tremendous growth possibilities.  Lynn (Employee)

I am so sad to hear this news! This is never the outcome we want. Please, know, my thoughts are with you during these difficult days. Linda (Community Partner: PS Welcome Back Center)

I am familiar with the wonderful work done by WWEE over the span of many years.  It is sad to see another successful program lost.  I believe your organization began at South Seattle CC…I hope you find success in another arena.  Social services that have a track record are hard to find.  Sharon (Community Volunteer)

Thank you for not only your support but the good work you have provided for the men and women.  You will be missed.  Susan (Community Partner: Department of Corrections)

Man, on, man… My heart hurts! This is quite sudden… Thank you all so very much for all that you’ve done to teach stability to the invisibles. I am stronger, wiser, and better because you took me in, you taught me, you inspired me and made me believe that I could… So I did!  I’m so sorry for our loss…😥  Dana (Graduate)

This news is deeply sad and unfortunate for our South Sound community knowing how great the need is for this type of a program. We, at the Women’s Leadership Network of McDonald’s Northwest Region, are honored to have been able to partner with and support the organization. Thanks you!  Chris (Community Partner)

So sorry to hear of Courage 360 (formerly WWEE) closing your doors!  You have been a great asset to the community over the years! Debbie; The Auburn Food Bank (Community Partner)

Thanks so much, and I am SO SORRY that you all cannot continue the great work you are doing.  Kathy; JJill (Community Partner)