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Apr 272017

Chapter Two of Amy’s Story

Last week we introduced you to Amy. Amy started her journey at Courage360 with low self-esteem and no knowledge of how to use her skills to launch her career. Read on to see how Courage360 gave her a place to build both her skills and confidence.


“I was severely lacking in self-esteem about my abilities and skills. I did not understand how to showcase my talents and provide value to my experience. At Courage360, my classmates and I were able to share our experiences in a safe environment and then help each other to see how those experiences shaped us into capable people, who were taking control of our futures, by attending the Courage360 classes.

The instructors were very good at allowing the process to evolve and at providing the tools to construct the polished ‘me’ that I could take out into the world of resumes and interviews. I learned that the abilities I have developed from past employment and personal life skills can be translated into a great resume. I learned how to stand out from the other applicants with a dynamic cover letter. I was able to identify mistakes that I had previously made during interviews and given tools to correct them. I was introduced to new computer programs.”


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