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May 32017

GiveBIG 2017: Chapter Three of Amy’s Story

We’ve already shown you how Courage360 helped Amy gain confidence and taught her how to showcase her skills. This week, learn where Amy is today, and how Courage360 helped her get there.

“I am employed in an office at a local college and I love it! The job expectations meet my skill level perfectly. I have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills at a pace that is not overwhelming. My co-workers are friendly, supportive, and appreciative of what I bring to the position. Being gainfully employed allows me to make plans for the future. There is less stress and more excitement in my life.

Courage360 is a milestone in my life; a lifeline that allowed me to pull myself up and shape a more positive future. There was the person I was before attending the course and the person I have become since attending the course. I am certain that I would not have the position with the college if I had not attended the Courage360 course! The instructors, classroom exercises, and my internship helped hone my office demeanor and gave me the confidence to actually pursue a
position that before, I would not have even been
qualified to complete the application process. Without
Courage360, I would likely still be unsure with how to move
forward toward the life I had envisioned, but could not
seem to attain.”

Coming next week: GiveBIG and the conclusion of Amy’s story.

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